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Megan Elizabeth Glewwe

Last Update: 12/4/06 9:39pm

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Megan just got a little brother! You can see Michael's pages. Her spoken vocabulary has exploded in the past two months. We are always amazed at the new word or sign of understanding. With Michael in the house, we have an extra challenge. Tonight, I held Michael cradled in my arms. It was Megan's bedtime, so I asked her to go to her room. She got upset. I asked if she wanted Michael and me to come too. She nodded, so we went to her room. She followed shortly carrying Michael's piggy bank and saying 'oink!' I asked her to crawl into her bed which she did. She fussed a little, but indicated the pig should sleep in her bed too. She told Michael and me 'bye!' and stretched out. I am so proud of my girl!

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